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In his blog, Ed Weighs In, he will share the latest news and information on a variety of health & fitness subjects such as:

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Ed Pomponio knows how frustrating and confusing it can get when trying to find the right fitness & nutrition program to fit your personal goals. One fitness trainer will tell you to use heavy weight & low reps, while others will tell you to lighter weights and higher reps. Which program is right for you? It is also the same thing with nutrition programs. One will tell you to eat high protein and low or no carbs while others still will tell you that you can eat all the healthy carbs you want. Are both programs right, and if so, which one should you do? These are the types of questions that he will help you answer.

With over 35 years experience in the health and fitness field, Ed Pomponio and has faced many of the same questions himself. Finally, Ed wanted some answers, so he got busy. He started studying anything he could find on health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition. He spent many years doing research on the effects of diet, nutrition and weight training on the body when done in combination with one another.  Now he wants to share that knowledge with you.