Ed PomponioEd’s interest in health & fitness began at an early age when he started to workout with his dad in their basement.  He said he started doing it just to hangout with his dad, but once he started to notice a change in how he look and how he felt, his love and passion for exercise took over quickly and he has been working out and eating right ever since.

Over the years, Ed Pomponio has helped countless people get in shape by teaching them how to exercise properly, focus on their target areas and cross train.  Ed also knew the importance of proper nutrition and helped others learn how to eat the right kind of food to fuel their bodies and avoid burn out.  Ed’s friends and family were always recommending people come and talk to him and that is what prompted him to finally start a fitness blog.  While he enjoyed being able to help his friends, family and the people in his neighborhood gyms, Ed decided that by writing a blog, he would be able to refer people to it so they could learn at their own pace.  He also knew that by putting his knowledge on the internet, he would be able to reach many more people and help them with their fitness goals too.

Ed says that he has tried many different fitness & nutrition programs and has spent time focusing on what works.  He says what works for some people may not be right for others.  His goal is to help others be able to sort out and understand all the conflicting news we hear today about our diets, exercise and overall health.  To find out more about Ed Pomponio check out his About.me page.

Ed says he is also a big sports fan.  While he enjoyed playing most any team sport, Ed’s favorite sport to play was basketball.  He played on his high school team and could always be found shooting hoops in his yard.  Today, Ed still plays basketball on an adult pickup league.  Ed says aside from his passion for the game, it is a fun way to burn off extra calories and workout your heart.